Should you have curtains, blinds or shutters

Posted on: April 21st, 2017 by rstrencioch

Blinds, shutters or curtains? And if it’s curtains: should they be full length or mid length Shorts & Trousers, opaque or translucent, patterned or plain? When it comes to window treatments there is an abundance of choice, so how do you decide what’s best for your room?


Kate Rogan, of Rogan Nash Architects, says choosing curtains depends on the room. „In a cosy, or small, space you don’t want a whole lot of different types and patterns of curtains Tops & T-Shirts, it can be overwhelming and sometimes make a space look smaller,“ she says. Sticking to one colour and type of curtain (ie pleated, floor length or gathered) can make a small room look larger. A few specific styles of homes do suit a melange of styles – „English country can handle a mixture of colour Clothing, style and patterns“ – but in general Rogan advises to stick to one style throughout the house Tops & Tees, „otherwise it gets too complicated.“

When deciding whether curtains should be neutral or a statement piece she says, „stick to the general rule that there should be no more than three things going on in a room at once Eyewear & Accessories.“ Using this guideline, if there are already three signature items in a room, curtains should be a neutral colour. However Rogan does note this is merely a general rule and some spaces are able to take a myriad of statement pieces without looking overdone.

To give the impression the room is larger, take the curtains all the way up to the ceiling, or above the height of the window frame. This technique lessens the visual choppiness of the decor.

Curtains provide good thermal insulation, soften a room and block more light out than a blind. For this reason they are well suited for bedrooms.

„Shutters are crisper and less fussy“, Rogan says, and are a good solution for a door. „Blinds on a door would just be a nightmare“, instead shutters, which can be attached to the door, move with it and can be opened and closed easily.

Shutters with wide slats are perfect for windows where you don’t want to loose the view. They can control light and allow good airflow, which is important for a healthy home.

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